WaStop Check Valve

The ingenious check valve

WaBack non-return valve

Protects against flooding caused by backflow

Wapro Inc

Wapro is a market leader in back flow protection in stormwater and sewer applications. Back flow can occur in outfalls creating flooding affecting homes and businesses. Back flow in pumpstations can lead to expensive repairs. Overloaded stormwater networks can cause surcharges which flood properties, both inside homes and outside on streets and in parks and gardens. This flooding is easily stopped by using a check valve such a WaStop or WaBack. Easily installed in minutes and protecting against back flow for up to 20 years. An investment in peace of mind.


Wapro produces WaBack back flow valves, WaStop check valves and the WaReg flow regulator. We have ...

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Installed around the world since 1988 Wapro products protect and give peace of mind.

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